Best $6 Snacks at Epcot in Disney World


Caroline having the best Treat Yourself Day.

Epcot has really upped their snacking game with all the delicious snack-sized food available during the International Flower and Garden Festival in the Spring and the International Food and Wine Festival in the Fall.

The Best Park Snacks (Many for Under $6):  These will fill you up until dinnertime!

It’s snack time!  What are you in the mood for…something sweet?, something salty?, something hot?, something cold????

Many snacks at Epcot are actually quiet filling!

  1. Bakery items, $6:  Freshly baked pastries, huge cupcakes, muffins, cookies from the Kringla Bakeri (Norway) and  Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (France).
  2. Starbucks, $5:  Iced coffees, fruit smoothies, hot coffee drinks, hot cocoa, pastries.

Epcot’s snack locations: Fountain View (Starbucks), Refreshment Port (soda), Kringla Bakeri (Norway), Karamell-Küche (Germany), L’Artisan des Glaces (France), American Adventure pavilion

Best snacks available year-round at Epcot’s World Showcase.

#1:  The Cronut:   Our #1 favorite snack at Epcot

Have a Cronut at Epcot?  Don't mind if I do!!
Have a Cronut at Epcot? Don’t mind if I do!!
Cronuts up close.  Yum!

#2:  Macaroons from France Pavilion  (with or without ice cream!)

Macarons by the box.
Macaroons by the box.  Yes please!
So pretty!
The orange macaron. So pretty!
Ice cream
Caroline and Christian with their ice cream snacks.
Ice cream
Macaroon ice cream sandwich.  This was delicious! So perfect on a hot day.
Ice cream
Taking our treats outside so we can walk around the World Showcase with them. Brioche ice cream sandwich.

#3: Starbucks Coffee Drinks from Fountain View

Fountain View
Epcot’s Starbucks is inside the Fountain View.  This is location closing soon and the Starbucks is moving over to the Odyssey building.


epcot starbucks#4 Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes!
❤ Funnel cakes!  So good!
Funnel cake for lunch?  OK!!
A Funnel Cake instead of lunch? OK!!

#5 School Bread from Epcot Norway???

No thank you!  While lots of guests swear how delicious this snack from Norway is, we disagree!

Have you tried the  Norway School Bread?

School Bread from Epcot Norway.  :(
School Bread from Epcot Norway.

#6:  Giant Cotton Candy from China Pavilion

cotton candy5
So beautiful!  The 5- layer Spring Fantasy, $15

These Giant Chinese Cotton Candy Flowers were introduced during the 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival and were hugely popular.  We can see why!

#7:  Ice Cream Cones from L’Artisan des Glaces (France)

Epcot France ice cream
Christian’s Blueberry ice cream cone.
Ice cream
Mickey in the sherbet!

These cones have to been eaten very fast on a hot summer day!  The melt rate is FAST.

#8:  Fresh Caramel Popcorn from Epcot-Germany

Germany Karamell-Kuche Treats
Yes please!!!


More recommended snack photos.  We have tried all of these!

Delicious!  Dipped pretzels.
Cronut and cup of water, under $5
9pm: My Cronut and cup of water before IllumiNations fireworks, $5
Free drinks!
Free drinks at Fountain View!
Caramel apples.  They will slice these for free for easier eating.
Caramel apples. They will slice these for free for easier eating. Enough for 2 people.  $6
Freshly made caramel popcorn, $4
Freshly made caramel popcorn, $4-$6
Macaron in France.
Elly having a macaroon in France.
Everything is between $4-$6.
More giant pastries, $6
Freshly dipped caramel apples, $6
Cupcakes are available everywhere at Disney World! $6
Had to say yes to this Epcot tumbler! “Celebrate the Future”


epcot two sisters
Fun day at Epcot! 

We’ve written two books about our time working and playing at Disney World.

Both are available on Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
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Have a magical day!


Two Disney Sisters


Two Disney Sisters

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