Moana’s Journey of Water in Epcot’s new World Nature



Coming in 2021: The 4 Worlds of Epcot – World Celebration, World Nature, World Showcase, and World Discovery.

Moana’s Journey of Water will be located in the new “World Nature” neighborhood.

Along with the World Showcase, there’ll be 3 new ‘World’s’ at Epcot’s entrance: World Nature, World Discovery, and World Celebration.

Journey of Water Epcot

It looks beautiful – like Hawaii in Florida! World Nature

World Nature replaces Future World West and World Discovery replaces Future World East.  Both Future World East/West locations badly needed updating, especially Future World East.

Innoventions West and all the buildings on that side will be demolished as part of the new design before the end of the year.

journey into water

Moana’s magical Journey of Water.  Note the new Epcot logo redesign on the poster.

This will be an immersive walk-through attraction with a lot of water features and lush tropical foliage.  Very hands-on for kids.

It looks like they will be adding the popular Jumping Water feature to the attraction.


Interactive water features for kids. (This is ‘Jumping Water’.)


Lush foliage. It reminds me a little bit of Avatar over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


“Blowholes” in the “lava” rocks just like what are found in Hawaii! Halona Blowhole

Moana’s Journey of Water is coming to Epcot in late 2020.

This first-ever Disney Parks attraction will be based on the hit film, “Moana,” letting guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring tropical setting.


A lush tropical slice of paradise with many water features, including waterfalls and jumping water. A 2-story Heart of Te Fiti will be in the center of it all.



September 2019: Current Epcot park map.

Future World West Update:  The permits to take down Fountain View (14 on the map) this year have already been filed.  We expect those buildings to be gone before the end of the year.


Newly released Epcot drawing shows Journey of Water with the Heart of Te Fiti’s Mountain in World Nature.


Moana’s new water attraction will be anchored by the Heart of Te Fiti. (This is just its design, it won’t be located in the middle of Friendship Bay!)




We’re expecting that Moana will have a permanent Meet and Greet area here.


New limited edition Moana Magic Bands are out! (LE 2400)  ❤

journey into water

We like how prominent Te Fiti is, both in the mountain face and her heart.

heart of te Fiti

heart of Te Fiti1

The Polynesian goddess Te Fiti with her heart restored.


Expect to see this symbol everywhere!


Te Fiti’s Heart spiral.


And, Moana is getting her first ever float in the Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom next year!  We love it!!!

Time to start planning your Disney Bounding outfits!!!


Disney Bounding as Moana.

te fiti

Disney Bounding as the goddess Te Fiti (sea colors).

te fiti1

We love this dress! (green goddess colors)


Any Goddess Te Fiti outfit must have a crown of flowers!


We wish Te Fiti would have a meet and greet too!


April 22, 2019 (Earth Day 2019): WOW! DiVine is out this morning at DAK and is entirely covered by blooming flowers!!! So pretty!


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Have a magical day!



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