‘Story of Coco’ Returns to Epcot for Día de los Muertos!


Día de los Muertos celebration at Epcot.

If you would like to celebrate and honor the Day of the Dead, el Día de los Muertos, at Disney World this year look no further than Epcot where Mariachi Cobre Presents the Story of “Coco”, returning Oct. 31st – Nov. 2nd, 2019.

The beloved story of Disney Pixar’s “Coco” comes to life in this amazing show where Mariachi Cobre, joined by Folklórico dancers, tell the story of Miguel through vibrant dance and song at the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.

The show honors the movie’s theme, which celebrates the tradition of remembering friends and family members who are no longer with us.

Disneyland Resort Halloween FoodThis joyous celebration will be performed four times a day this week from Thursday, Oct. 31st through Sunday, Nov. 2nd at the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase.

Coco cookies dod
Coco cookies
Conchas Mickey Ears Epcot Mexico
Conchas Mickey Ears at Epcot Mexico (Mexican Sweet Bread)
dead coco
Inside the Mexican pavilion.


At Disneyland this month:

Día de los Muertos celebration at Disneyland.

Interested in the much larger Día de los Muertos celebration going on at Disneyland right now?

Mickey and Minnie all dressed up.

Read our Disneyland blog here: Celebrating Day of the Dead at Disneyland

dod coco1
Offerings table.
New Coco pins released this month.
dod coco
dod dead
At the Día de los Muertos celebration at Disneyland.


bread dod Coco
Pan de los Muertos at Walmart this week – we want to try it!!! $4.98

We saw this special celebration bread, Pan de los Muertos, at Walmart yesterday!

It’s available at Disneyland this week.  We’re not sure about it being at Epcot. (You can always get some School Bread over in the Norway pavilion instead!!!)

pan-de-los-muertos dod coco
Pan de los Muertos is available this week at Paradise Garden Grill in California Adventure.

Pan de los Muertos (Spanish for: Bread of the Dead) is a sweet roll traditionally baked in Mexico during the week leading up to the Día de Muertos, which is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd, with November 1st being Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

The sweetened soft bread is shaped like a bun, often decorated with bone-shaped phalanges pieces. Pan de muerto is eaten on Día de Muertos, at the gravesite or, alternatively, at a tribute called an ofrenda.  As part of the celebration, loved ones eat pan de muerto as well as the relative’s favorite foods.

Bread of the Dead usually has skulls or crossbones engraved on it. It is believed the spirits do not eat it, but rather absorb its essence, along with water at their ofrenda, after their long journey back to Earth.

The bones represent the deceased one (difuntos or difuntas) and there is normally a baked tear drop on the bread to represent goddess Chimalma’s tears for the living. The bread is represented in a circle to portray the circle of life and is topped with sugar as life is sweet.


Epcot Donald Mexico
Meeting Donald outside Epcot Mexico.

We’ve written two books about our time working and playing at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!


Two Disney Sisters


Mexico1 Epcot
Epcot Mexico.
Donald Duck Epcot Mexico
February 2019: Donald waved us over for a photo. 🙂
Mexico 1996 (2)
Throwback Thursday:  Epcot Mexico, 1996.
Mexico2 (2)
Recreating the photo!
mexico3 (2)
These sombreos are actually a big seller!  We don’t know how people get them home on a plane!!


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