Hidden Treasures Beneath Your Feet at Disney’s Magic Kingdom


Welcome to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom!

In Adventureland, you can find broken tiles, gems, jewelry, and ‘coins’ scattered in the concrete pavement all around The Flying Carpets of Aladdin.

Finding the Hidden Treasures of Adventureland – Where to Look

Start looking down at the pavement here - lots of gems everywhere!!!
Start looking down at the pavement here – lots of gems everywhere!!!

While we were waiting in the Aladdin and Jasmine meet & greet line at Agrabah Bazaar, we pointed out some interesting pieces in the pavement to the young guests waiting in line with us.

All of them – boys and girls – bent down to exam to jewelry more closely and all of them reached out and tried to pick up the pieces!  🙂

The most jewelry can be found outside the Bazaar.
The most jewelry in Adventureland can be found in the pavement outside the Bazaar.

There’s actually a lot of jewelry pressed into the pavement, like long necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The closer you get to the Aladdin and Jasmine ‘Meet & Greet’ area, the more jewelry is scattered on the ground.

Adventureland jewelry
A pretty ‘diamond’ bracelet near the Bazaar.
Hidden Treasures Under Your Feet
Treasures set into the pavement…this is the tiniest Hidden Mickey at the Magic Kingdom!!!


Watch out as you walk by her or you may get wet!

Riding on The Flying Carpets of Aladdin

Adventureland is our favorite land!

Located over in Adventureland, the Flying Carpets of Aladdin is such a fun ride!  We think that it’s a cooler version of the Dumbo ride because you pilot flying “magic carpets” instead of flying elephants.

Insider Tip #1:  The wait times are always much, much shorter at the Flying Carpets than they are over at the Dumbo ride.  In fact, there was no wait at all when we got there!

Insider Tip #2: Sit in the front seat to control how high your carpet flies and sit in the back seat to make it tilt forwards and back.

Insider Tip #3:  Yes, the camel “spits”!  It’s controlled by a behind-the-scenes cast member, and yes, they can see you!

All aboard! My flying carpet ride awaits…

Flying high over Agrabah on a magic flying carpet around a giant genie lamp:

Flying high!
Great views of Adventureland from up here!
Great views of Adventureland from up here!
carpet Aladdin
Holding onto my flower crown.
Elly has picked up a shift at Agrabah next week.
That guy just got spit on by the camel!
That guy just got spit on by the camel!


A few years ago, Jasmine and Aladdin got major costume updates.

Not everyone was happy with their new look, but we like it.

Jasmine’s new costume:

Jasmine’s new outfit.

Aladdin’s new costume:

He’s got a sweet royal purple cape now!
May 2019:  Princess Jasmine’s costumes are lit in the new live action ‘Aladdin’ movie!!!
We traded for this Princess Jasmine pin with a cast member right outside the bazaar.


Haunted Mansion ring
The Ghost Bride’s Ring

The Ghost Bride’s Engagement Ring

This probably the most famous piece of jewelry in the pavement at the Magic Kingdom.

We always forget exactly where her ring is and have to look extra hard to find it. Every time!

Look right here in the corner.

Anyone else found this ring in the Haunted Mansion queue line???

ghost bride
The Ghost Ring: It’s her ring.


Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine - they were so nice!!
Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine – they were both so nice!!

We’ve written two books about our time working and playing at Disney World.

Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/

Have a magical day!



They signed my autograph book.


Meeting Jasmine at MNSSHP party night:

Aladdin Genie Jasmine
We met Princess Jasmine during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Genie too (he’s a rare character).

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