How to Stay Warm at Disney World When Its Cold Outside


It’s snowing on Main Street USA!  (Not really….it “snows” during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party nights)

A lot guests visiting Disney World expect nothing but warm and sunny weather for their visit.  Most of the time, that’s what they get.

But Orlando has about 3 weeks of cool, chilly weather every year, mostly in the December – January – February time period.

The daytime highs will only be in the 60s and the nighttime lows can fall into the 30s with freeze warnings overnight.

December 18, 2019: It is COLD at Disney World this morning! A cold front came through yesterday with lots of heavy rain. Dipping down into the 40s tomorrow night. Burrrr!!!!!


A chilly day at Epcot.  Figment was all covered in pink! The high for the day was only 52 degrees the day we were there!!  It was very chilly!

We have some advice if you’re planning a trip to Disney World this winter:

1. Check the weather ahead of time

Check the 10-Day Forecast before packing your suitcase!  If a cold front is expected to move through during your vacation, pack a jacket and – I’m not kidding – mittens and a hat! And maybe even a scarf!!!

Florida cold is like Florida heat.  Miserable!  Probably due to the humidity, a 50 degree evening at the Magic Kingdom feels like its 32 degrees!  Freezing cold!

2. Pack the correct clothing especially for after sunset

For weather in the 50s and 60s, pack at least 1 pair of pants and several long sleeved shirts.  If you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, pack some leggings.

You’ll need a warm jacket, preferably wind proof. A hoodie will come in handy.

Wearing flip flops in the parks is always a bad idea. Sneakers with socks are a much better choice for cold days!

3. Pack a blanket for the evening shows

We have seriously almost gotten frostbitten watching Fantasmic! on cold winter nights!

We’ve sat there in the freezing cold with a biting wind blowing, mixed with icy mist and water droplets from the water show.  MISERABLE!  How I wish we had a blanket!

If you have a little one and are planning on bringing a stroller, pack an extra blanket in the stroller for after dark.

christmas Epcot France Two Disney
Cookies and hot cocoa = yes please!  Notice we’re all wearing gloves and layered jackets.  So chilly!!!

4. Keep warm with hot beverages and warm snacks

You can get hot coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa at all the Starbucks and Joffrey’s coffee stands at all the parks.

There’s a long list of warm snacks available at all the quick service restaurants and snack stands that we won’t  go into here.  Just look around.

5. It will be freezing standing outside waiting in line for attractions and even colder when the rides are moving.  (I’m looking at you Dumbo!)

This is when a windbreaker really helps.  Try to do all the outdoor attractions like Expedition Everest during the day and save the indoor attractions like It’s a Small World for the evening.  Try not to go on any outdoor rides, especially the wet ones like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, after dark.  You will regret it if you do!

6. Take a break inside every hour to warm up

Try not to make plans – and Fast Passes – for 4 or 5 hours of non-stop activity outdoors when it’s cold.

Take a break and do some shopping or grab a bite to eat inside.  Sit down for some people watching and warm up your chilled hands and feet.  See the long shows that you always skip like The Hall of Presidents.


The Disney princesses wearing their winter costumes.

One of the fun things about when it falls below 65 degrees is that the Disney characters all don their warm winter costumes, especially the Disney Princesses! They’ll wear these special costumes at their meet and greets and also for the Festival of Fantasy parade at 3pm in the Magic Kingdom.

See more photos of Disney Princesses here:  Disney Princesses in Their Winter Costumes

We went to Disney World last January and it was cold, cold, cold for 3 days in a row!

All the newly planted flowers for the upcoming 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival were covered up at Epcot.

epcot frost
Tampa set a new low last night – 28 degrees!
Epcot frost
All the tender flowers were covered up.
epcot frost
Not much to see here.
epcot frost
Trying to protect all those pretty flowers for the 2019 F&G Festival starting next month!
epcot frost
Covering up the newly planted flowers.
epcot frost
I can’t believe how much fabric they use to cover everything up! Hopefully, they reuse it!
epcot frost
January 2019
February 2019: So pretty uncovered!  They saved the flowers!
figment2 (2)
February:  Figment uncovered.


Two Girls
Happy Holidays!  Stay warm!

We’ve written two books about our time working – and playing – as Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Both are available on in paperback and Kindle:  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom.

Adventure Book Cover
Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
book Two Girls
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

If you’d like to follow our daily Disney blog, here’s the link:

Have a magical day!

Two Disney Sisters

Two Disney Sisters


There’s lots of warm clothing for sale in the merchandise shops, but it’s very expensive!
frozen oranges
Trying to save the citrus crop near Orlando this week.


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