Cinderella Castle to Receive Royal Makeover This Spring

Cinderella Castle1

It will be all trimmed in gold!

The Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom is getting a royal makeover!

Cinderella Castle1

Beginning next month, the Castle walk-through into Fantasyland will be closed for 3 months.

The stunning golden castle enhancements will begin in early March 2020 and continue for about 3 months into early summer.

It’s being repainted the same light pink shade used last year at Sleeping Beauty Castle, with royal blue turrets and lots of gold trim.

The castle’s tarps and barriers should go up around March 1st.

Cinderella Castle Walk through

The pretty mosaic murals in the Castle walk through.

You won’t be able to walk through the Cinderella Castle Walk-Through during renovations.

Cinderella Castle walk thru1

It’s pretty golden inside the walk through already.



The Cinderella stained glass mural.

It’s the 70th anniversary of the release of the Cinderella movie today.


Cinderella greeting her Royal Table guests at every meal.


Cinderella opened to glowing reviews on February 15, 1950.


This follows the golden enhancements given to Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle last year:

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland is More Beautiful Than Ever!

dlr7 Sleeping Beauty Castle

May 24, 2019: Grand Re-Opening of Sleeping Beauty Castle

The $300,000 refurbishment of Sleeping Beauty Castle is complete and the Castle’s walk-through has re-opened for guests.

Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle now features vibrant new colors, a new roof, and other pixie dust enhancements.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

May 24, 2019: Sleeping Beauty Castle’s new, much bluer paint job.

“What’s interesting is that we used an ages-old painting technique called ‘atmospheric perspective’ to visually heighten the castle,” said Kim Irvine, art director at Walt Disney Imagineering. “We warmed the pink hues on the lower towers and gradually added blue to lighten the colors toward the top.”


Golden accents and a pixie dust sprinkled roof.

The same technique was used for the new roof, now in gorgeous cobalt blue hues. Each of the 18 original turrets was digitally scanned to create the same roofline and sparkly pixie dust was sprinkled on the center roof.

“We focused the golden accents and pixie dust around the entrance to the castle, as though it has been magically enchanted,” said Irvine.


The walk-through has brand new LED lighting.

Colorful banners, pennants and landscaping were also included in the refurbishment and the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through received new paint and interior lighting.

dlr5 Sleeping Beauty Castle

We think it’s beautiful!

dlr4 Partners

The beloved Partners statue with Walt holding Mickey’s hand.

dlr8 Aurora

Princess Aurora looking over her refurbished castle.  ❤

aurora2 Disneyland Castle

Christian admiring the Sleeping Beauty Castle too.


But, this is what guests have to look forward to this spring at the Cinderella Castle:  Tarps and Barriers.

sleeping Beauty castle

April 17, 2019: Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle has been tarped now for almost 2 months! 😦

Sleeping Beauty castle reno

March 24, 2019: Renovating the Sleeping Beauty Castle turrets.  The tarps are so ugly!  You can’t walk through the Castle into Fantasyland.


sleeping beauty castle

January 2020:  Seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle with it’s new golden look.  We love it!  ❤

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Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

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Have a magical day!


two disney sisters1

Cheers to the new year!


two Disney Sisters

Ready for a fun – and long – day at the Magic Kingdom!  Can’t wait to see all the improvements later on this year!

pink castle

Now, that’s PINK!!!

People are complaining already about this new light pink color ahead of the 50th anniversary celebration next year, but we remember when the Cinderella Castle was REALLY PINK for the 25th anniversary celebration!!!

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