Socially Distanced Character Encounters at Disney World: Worth It?


The princesses waving at arriving guests in the morning from the train station at the Magic Kingdom.

Since Disney World reopened in July 2020, there are still plenty of characters in the parks, you just can’t interact with them up-close and personal anymore.

All of the character Meet & Greets have been suspended and we don’t expect them to return until sometime in mid-2021.

The Princess Cavalcade Parade…the princesses waving from a safe distance.

The characters come out at random intervals now and wave and interact with guests from a safe distance of at least 6 feet.

The face characters don’t wear masks.

And, no more character signings either.

Rabbit and Piglet

The 100 Acre Woods Gang greeting guests from the porch of the Crystal Palace, which is still closed.

Rabbit interacting with guests screaming hello.
The Crystal Palace – which is a character buffet that we’ve been to many times – is still closed. It might reopen as a regular restaurant with no characters later on this year. Otherwise, it will stay closed until 2021.

The wonderful Festival of Fantasy Parade at 3pm has been replaced with a much shorter Cavalcade of Princesses Parade that occurs at random, unannounced times throughout the day.

This prevents guests from lining up and standing 4 – 7 people deep along the sidewalks.

Festival of Fantasy Parade
Look at all the people at the Festival of Fantasy Parade! It will be 2+ years before we see this level of crowds at Disney World again!


Some more character interactions from a distance:

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins at her meet and greet place in Epcot giving a cherry hello to passing guests.
anna DHS
Queen Anna looking lovely.
The two Frozen queens can’t ride in the carriage together anymore. One walks while the other rides.
Merida riding.

Meanwhile, over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there’s a cavalcade flotilla:

The flotilla floating by…
Pocahontas waving…
characters DAK
The bridge is a great place to see the characters in the Cavalcade Flotilla.


wishables Two girls
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Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
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Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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Have a magical day!

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