‘Beacons of Light’ Installed on Spaceship Earth


The first test light being installed.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot is being transformed into a “Beacon of Magic” with a new exterior nighttime lighting package.

New LED lights are being add across Spaceship Earth’s reflective panels which will connect to form a starry night sky. It will debut the evening of October 1, 2021 as part of the 50th Anniversary.  Expect that this is a permanent part of Spaceship Earth now, not just part of the 18-month 50th Anniversary celebration.

They look like the touch closet lights that you can buy at Lowes! ©Zach Riddley via Instagram (@thezachriddley)

Epcot’s engineering team test fit the very first light this month. The team is set to move forward with installing the points of light starting at the top of Spaceship Earth and working their way down. You can see it’s actually an individual, lithium battery powered LED bright light – remote controlled – that will be installed throughout Spaceship Earth.

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley shared that the team had to get “quite ingenious” in how to install these new fixtures and the high-tech systems that make them work so that they seamlessly integrate with the “iconic profile of Spaceship Earth.”

What Spaceship Earth will look like the evening of October 1, 2021. “Beacons of Magic”

I expect that the lights won’t just twinkle, but will probably have the ability to form millions of patterns across the face of Spaceship Earth, doing designs and words and anything else Disney can think of like goodnight messages.

It’s so beautiful at night already.


Meanwhile, out in front…

Epcot’s new pylon sculpture.

“Our design team took special interest in looking back to the original geometry for inspiration and infusing new features with a little bit of added magic to bridge the past, present a future of Epcot,” said Imagineer Zach Riddley.  “These majestic pylons also draw your eye upward toward the sky and perfectly frame views of the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction.”

epcot fountain
Weighing 4,000 lbs. each.

The three acrylic pylons are more than 16 feet tall and that each one weighs more than 4,000 pounds.

The Epcot entrance overhaul included the removal of the monolithic Leave a Legacy slabs and other long-standing structures at the park’s entrance.

This is a great addition to the front entrance.

The redesigned entrance will be much more greener with more trees and plants.

Epcot’s main entrance plaza is being transformed with a new large fountain, new pathways, and lots of green spaces.

epcot fountain1
The new fountain entrance area in front of Spaceship Earth.
Nighttime look with the new Beacons of Magic coming in October.


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Have a magical day!


It’s a beautiful day!
Epcot Starbucks
Ahhhhhh…..the perfect drink for an afternoon break.
Evening time.

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