Phone Interview Questions for the DCP Alumni 2015 Summer Program

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acceptedWhich will it be…Walt Disney World in Florida OR Disneyland in California????


Interview to my PI (phone interview).

Invitation for my PI (phone interview).

Today, I had my phone interview for the 2015 DLR Summer Alumni program at Disneyland. I thought I was going to be a lot more nervous than I actually was, but I found that it was actually okay!

1.  Tell us about your Disney roommate situation. (I find it very interesting that she led with this question!!!)

2.  General questions about previous WDW DCP experience:  What was your favorite part of working at Disney?  Any parts you didn’t like?

3.  Why would you like to change coasts and work at Disneyland this time around?

4.  Will you have a car for the program?

5.  What was your favorite part about the college program?

6.  What was your least favorite/most challenging part about the college program?

7.  Tell me about a time where you had to resolve an issue for a guest and the steps you took to get to that conclusion.

8.  Tell me about a time where you had an unhappy guest or customer and how did you handle the situation?

9.  You’ve talked about Animal Kingdom’s (where I did my first DCP program) varying pace.  Can you tell me about a time where you had a lot going on and wasn’t sure where to start or what to do?

10.  So, I see you have other merchandise experience, how would this help you with your next role?

11.  Tell me what your top roles are?

12.  As a park greeter, you are the 1st person guests will see. How do you make sure to start their day off right?

13.  What would you do in an emergency situation dealing with large crowds?

14.  Are you comfortable working in different temperatures?  Heat, cold, rain, working outside, etc.

15.  A few ‘Disney Look’ questions.

16.  What are your future plans?

17.  Do you have any questions for me?

The entire phone interview took slightly less than 20 minutes.  I thought it went very well.

Now, onto applying to the Summer DCP Alumni program at WDW!!!  (That’s the summer alumni program that I really want to do!)

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