Paint Night with Friends: Castle Lanterns


Ready, set, paint!!!

What do you do when you see that Paint Nite is doing a Disney scene from Tangled???

Sign up for a night of painting fun with your friends, of course!



The artist leading the class goes over Painting Basics 101, then it’s time to hit the canvas!


Having a drink while literally watching paint dry.

Painting the background first, then the paint has to dry for a little bit.

cc1Next came painting in the castle.  It wouldn’t be a Disney painting if it didn’t have a castle in it, right?


Painting castles is harder than it looks!!!


Filling in the castle


Now for some lanterns…


Everybody painted their castle just a little bit different!


Caroline making good progress on her canvas.


Caroline’s Castle Lanterns


Adding in a few floating lanterns here and there!  Queue the Disney music!!


Each one is just a little bit different, and all are fabulous!

And three hours later…our Castle Lanterns paintings are all done!  🙂

This is our favorite scene from Disney’s Tangled when they sing the “At last I see the light” song!

Full song:  At Last I See The Light video


Favorite scene!  Beautiful!


Movie artwork



Two Disney sisters.

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