Visiting Characters at My Former Home – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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The Tree of Life

I have been looking forward to visiting my old home basically since I left Disney in May. It felt so good to be back!


Island Merchantile

The first thing I did was visit my former work location at Discovery Island.


My work door.

The weather was so perfect that day…Bright and sunny!  And, the tree looked amazing in the sunlight!DSC00752


Photos of their adventure in the character meet & greet waiting area.

One of the things that we wanted to do was visit Mickey and Minnie at Adventurer’s Outpost. They just got back from a safari adventure.


Showing them my celebration button.

Mickey and Minnie were very interested in all of our buttons!  Mine said “Adventure is out there!”

Mickey and Minnie told us all about their adventures in Asia and Africa!DSC00762


We love their matching safari outfits!



We checked the My Disney Experience app to see what characters were out at DAK and saw that Governor Radcliffe and Meeko were out!  We ran over to their spot and saw Governor Radcliffe literally running to the Magic Band touch site with leaves, rocks, and a shoe trying to get into the park!  It was so funny!

When we walked over to their meet and greet spot, and there was no one there.  We just walked right up to them!


Meeko photobombing my picture with the governor!

Meeko was absolutely the BEST!  He kept checking my hair and my purse to see if I was carrying any biscuits for him.  When Elly tried to take photo of him, he grabbed her phone and tried to eat it!  Too cute! DSC00744

Governor Radcliffe was very scary looking…haha!  He would get everybody’s attention by stomping his feet and clicking his heels.  So funny!  He kept trying to get the character attendant to do something by stomping his feet and she couldn’t figure out what he wanted.  Finally, she remembered and got out a big white rock with an R written on it.  I was given strict instructions to go straight to Pocahontas and give it to her.


Pocahontas is so pretty!


Taking our Canoe-fie!

Of course, we were so excited that Pocahontas was at Animal Kingdom too.  I gave her Governor Radcliffe’s rock and she was so confused.  She said that he keeps trying to trade her these rocks for her gold.  She said he still won’t believe she doesn’t have any gold to give to him.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.05.32 PM

What a great photo!

While we were talking pictures, Pocahontas had a great idea!  She called it a “Canoe-fie”!  Too cute!


With Dug and Russell: Adventure is out there!

The last characters we met at DAK that day were Dug and Russell.  This was big on my bucket list and I’m so glad I got to see them.  I was wearing my Up button all day and couldn’t wait to show them it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.06.24 PM 1

My autograph book.

Dug and Russell LOVED my button and even wrote me a special note in my autograph book! 🙂


Walking out after park closing. Last ones to leave!


Once an Islander, ALWAYS an Islander! <3!

What a fun night!  We totally closed out the park!


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Throwback Thursday: Meet & Greet with Pocahontas Characters

Meeting Pocahantas, Novemebr 2014.

Meeting Pocahontas, November 2014.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2014, we thought we would do a blog about meeting Pocahontas!

While Caroline was working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this spring, she got to see Pocahontas fairly often because her meet and greet area was moved from the Camp Mickey & Minnie area to right next to Island Merchantile where Caroline was working.  (This was due to all the construction going on for the new Avatarland opening in 2017.)

We haven’t seen the other characters from the Pocahontas movie since our 1996 WDW trip!  We were so surprised to see Governor Radcliff running through the DAK entrance getting his MagicBand scanned!  We followed him over to a shady area by the entrance and were the first in line to meet him & Meeko.

He gave us a special rock with the letter “R” on it to give to Pocahontas when we saw her later.  He was so funny…stomping his heels when he wanted something from the character attendant….just too funny to watch!

Governor Radcliff literally running around the front entrance of DAK.

Governor Radcliff literally running around the front entrance of DAK.

Signing Caroline's autograph book.

Getting Caroline’s autograph book signed.

First time we've seen these two since 1996!

First time we’ve seen these two since 1996!

Meeko photobombing the photo!

Meeko photobombing the photo!  He was great!

The rock that Governor Radcliff gave us.

The rock that Governor Radcliff gave us.

Pocahantas looking at the rock.  She had no gold to trade for it.

Pocahontas looking at the rock. She said she had no gold to trade for it.

She said that he was looking for gold and offering the Indians pretty rocks for their gold, if they had any.

Signing Caroline's autograph book.

Signing Caroline’s autograph book.


Throwback Thursday photos:  Meeting the Pocahontas movie characters at the Wilderness Lodge in November 1996.

With Governor Radcliff, Nov. 1996

With Governor Radcliff, Nov. 1996  (Caroline was too afraid/suspicious of him to come that close!)

Meeting Pocahantas for the first time.  November 1996.

Meeting Pocahontas for the first time. November 1996.

Meeko signing Elly's autograph book.  Nov. 1996.

Meeko signing Elly’s autograph book. Nov. 1996.

We’ve written a book about our year working at Disney World in the Disney College Program: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale.
Available now on in paperback and Kindle. Published by Theme Park Press.