Dinner with the Evil Queen at Storybook Dining in the Wilderness Resort


Having dinner with the Evil Queen.


Wilderness Lodge

A very warm late Spring night with the sun just setting to the west.

We tried something new on the last night of our Disney World trip:  Storybook Dining at Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge.

It’s very popular and very hard to get dinner reservations.  We were very lucky to get a reservation for three on Christian’s night off.


We love the Wilderness Lodge!

We arrived at the Wilderness Lodge early so we could walk around for a little bit.  The Wilderness is one of our favorite resorts at Disney World.

Artist Point

The Artist Point. (We’ve been to the original Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.)


Original artwork.


Snow White’s story.


Artist Point has a huge tree in it now.


The cast member’s costumes.


Table set for 3.


Each guest gets their own “enchanted apple.” Snow White, Grumpy, and Dopey will still sign autographs for guests, but the Evil Queen might not. It’s nice to get this!

Storybook Dining

Cocktails first! The Enchanted Apple.  $12.50


Snow White coming over to our table!

Storybook Dining

Snow White is one of my favorite Disney princesses!


The Enchanted Forest Tree covers the ceiling.  The lights came on when the sun set.

Our Full Meal Review with Tons of Photos:

On 12/16/2018, Artist Point Restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge reopened as a character dining experience called Storybook Dining.  We’ve previously eaten breakfast and lunch there many times, but never dinner.

The prix-fixe dinner meal at Storybook Dining is divided into three courses, all of which are included in the $55/adult price.  Drinks are extra.

Appetizers and desserts are served ‘family style’ on a large, leafy green Lazy Susan.


Our appetizers arrive.

The appetizers served were: Winter Squash Bisque, Hunters Pie, and a Wicked Shrimp Cocktail.

We each tried a different entree.

The main courses we ordered were:  Royal Prime Rib Roast (Mitch), Butter Poached Snapper (Christian), Brothers Grimm Roasted Chicken (Caroline).

During the meal, Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey walked through the restaurant, while the Evil Queen was in her court in the corner of the dining room. Guests are invited to go get their pictures taken with the Evil Queen once their dinner is finished. At several times throughout our meal, there were special things going on with the characters dancing, etc.


The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen

The last dessert brought to the table after we were done eating was the “The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen.” It arrives in a silver box and contains cracked maple popcorn and red chocolate hearts. That was fun.  So fancy.

4 1/2 Stars


The Story Book


Storybook Dining

Cocktails and Appetizers (April 2019)

Storybook Dining

Entree and Dessert choices (April 2019)

Storybook Dining

Cocktails (April 2019)

Brew of Peaches

Storybook Dining

Transformation Potion Lemonade


Christian with his Brew of Peaches drink.


My appetizer plate.


Royal Prime Rib Roast (Mitch) with popover.


Bashful’s Butter-poached Fish. (Christian)


Brother’s Grimm Roasted Chicken (Caroline)


The desserts arrive. Those are gooseberry pies. Delicious!


The “Poison” Apples.


My dessert plate. Wonderful!


The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen.


Wilderness Lodge

On the kissing bridge over Silver Creek Geyser inside the Wilderness Lodge Resort.

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storybook20 Evil Queen

Meeting the Evil Queen after dinner. She’s actually a rare character to see in the Parks. She only comes out for certain hard ticketed events. We’ve met her 2x before at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.