Photos Every Disney Cast Member Needs to Take at Least Once!

memorial day castle

Take at least 100 photos of the Cinderella Castle!

Here’s our list of photos every Disney Cast Member needs to take while working at Disney World:

1. Photo with Mickey, aka The Boss

Mickey Arts

Meeting Mickey (and Goofy) at Epcot.


Christian and Farmer Mickey at Epcot’s Garden Grill Restaurant.

2. Photo in your costume at your work location (a good, non-blurry one!)

mk costume (2)

Elly working at Sir Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom.


Caroline working at DAK.

cosmic rays

Christian working at Cosmic Rays.

3. Photo of your DCP apartment, with or without your roommates

The Commons DCP

In front of The Commons, our Spring DCP apartment


Christian in front of his apartment at Chatham.

4. Photo on all of the mountain rides (Space, Thunder, Splash, Everest)

Space Mountain

Riding on Space Mountain!


Christian ready to conquer Space Mountain.

5. Photo in front of the Castle  (bonus:  Nighttime castle photo!)

Castle Christmas

In front of the Cinderella Castle, day and night photos!

6.  Photo in front of the Mickey Flower Face at the Magic Kingdom

Mickey Flower Face

Mickey Flower face

Christian’s ready for a day of fun and adventure!

7. Photo with your favorite Disney character


Love the characters from UP!


Christian and Chip (he has the chocolate chip nose!).

8. Photo at your favorite park

Epcot Flower

We love Epcot!

toy story1

Toy Story at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

9. Photo on your favorite ride

Everest DAK

Caroline loves Expedition Everest! ❤

MK train

Christian and the Magic Kingdom train.

10. Photo with the Norway troll

Epcot Norway Troll

Epcot Norway folklore: If you touch the troll’s nose, you’ll be back!

11.  Photo eating your favorite Disney snack (Dole Whip, Mickey Bar, Mickey pretzel, cotton candy…)

snacks and treats

Mickey cupcakes, pretzels….it’s all good! Treat yourself!!!! 🙂

12. Photo in Mickey ears (you don’t have to buy them, it can be taken at any store!)

Mickey ears DAK

Wearing our animal print ears at DAK.

Mickey Ears

Christian rockin’ his Mickey Ears.

13.  Photo holding the Balloons!


The balloon guy on Main Street USA is usually right outside the Bakery. If it’s not too windy, ask if you can hold his balloons! 🙂


Holding some awesome Halloween balloons!

14.  Photo of Favorite Princess 


We love Disney princesses!

15.  Photo of your best day ever on the program!  🙂

Disney Dream cruise

Sailing aboard the Disney Dream on a 4 day cruise to the Caribbean during our spring program.


Walking around Adventureland with family during your program.

16.  Photo at Beach or Universal Studios! (To show people that you did leave Disney World occasionally!)

Daytona Beach

Caroline enjoying the surf at Daytona Beach.

Harry Potter World train

Seeing  Harry Potter World at Universal Studios-Orlando.

17.  Photo on the very last day of work


See you later, Animal Kingdom!

18.  Photo on the very last day of your DCP program

DCP Last Day

Very day day of program…last day to use our company ID and get in for free! We should have been packing, the the parks were calling us!

DCP graduation

In front of the Cinderella Castle on the very last day of our Spring DCP program.

19.  DCP Graduation photo

DCP graduation Mickey

DCP graduation photo


We’ve written two books about our time working at Disney World.

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Livin’ the Dream working at Disney World.


The Disney College Program

Fabulous Upgrades Coming to Epcot in 2020


Epcot’s guest entrance will be more park-like in 2020 with a fountain.

Big changes – about a BILLION dollars worth – are coming to Epcot in time for Disney World’s 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration in Summer 2021.

In 2020, Epcot’s grand plaza is being totally redesigned and re-landscaped with a new large fountain being added to the back in front of Spaceship Earth.

The Leave A Legacy photos will be moving to a new setting just outside the park’s gateway.

We’re most excited about the new Ratatouille ride coming to the Epcot France pavilion in fall 2020. It’s a very popular ride at Disneyland Paris.

Epcot, which opened in 1982, has been showing its age.

Over the next 2 years, Epcot will be getting a lot of Imagineering love.

“We want to keep it true to the original vision, while making it more timeless, more relevant, more family, and more Disney,” said Disney spokesperson.


We’re looking forward to this Epcot update the most!

Ratatouille Ride attraction: France
Coming to the France pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, the new ride will be based on the popular Disneyland Paris attraction. That 4D ride shrinks visitors down to the size of Remy, the gourmet chef who happens to be a rat, and sends them on an adventure using sophisticated trackless vehicles.

Guardians of the Galaxy attraction
A new attraction based on the popular Marvel franchise is taking over Ellen’s Energy Adventure in the former Universe of Energy pavilion. While it sounds more “family” (and potentially a whole lot of fun), the connection to the park’s vision seems tenuous. What are the Guardians doing in Epcot and not Hollywood Studios?

New mission for Mission: Space
In addition to sending passengers on a mission to Mars (which will be getting new media), the Epcot attraction will offer a toned-down experience that will take guests on an orbital adventure above Earth. Younger kids will be able to blast off on the revamped ride which will reopen later this summer 2019.

Space-themed restaurant
Next to Mission: Space, Epcot will be adding a table-service restaurant that will transport diners to a space station high above Earth. It promises to have great views of Earth.

New film for the China Pavilion
A new in-the-round movie about China will be presented at Epcot’s pavilion. It will use a new digital “Circle-Vision 360” film and projection system that will replace the circular theater’s multiple screens with one seamless screen and image.

We haven’t heard anything about a new IMAX film for France, but as the current film was filmed in the late 1970s, we imagine that will be updated too.  Same with the Canada film.  The technology has changed so much in 40 years….not to mention the clothes and cars!


We’ve written two books about our time working at Disney World.

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Two Disney Sisters

Trying School Bread at Epcot Norway


The Kringla Bakeri

The Kringla Bakeri is located in the Norway pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase.

Walk through the open door and you’ll find yourself in a quaint, Scandinavian kitchen.

norway3It was recently refurbished and the layout makes much more sense for ordering.  There’s covered seating out back for you to sit and enjoy your lunch.


I like the decor in here.


This is a good place to hang out in the afternoon and wait for it to stop raining. It’s rarely crowded.

Kringla Bakeri is best known for School Bread.  This treat is a sweet bread roll, injected with vanilla custard, then covered with sweet icing and toasted coconut.

Ian had never tried School Bread before and was in the mood for a late afternoon snack.

I ordered a chocolate cupcake.

School Bread

Ian’s School Bread, $3.99

The School Bread recipe comes from a classic Norwegian snack (properly called “Skolebrød”), which kids took to school in their lunches and parents sold at bake sales.

The bread is a cross between a cinnamon roll and a dinner roll. It’s not super moist, more like a dinner roll flavored with cardamom.

We’ve tried it before and didn’t care for it, but Ian really liked it!  🙂


love bread (2)

People either love School Bread or hate it.

The Kringla Bakeri also features a selection of other traditional Norwegian pastries like lefse, and also a large selection of sandwiches, many of which contain some sort of fish or eggs.


Menu board, February 2019

Sandwiches with fish and cheese.

Sandwiches with fish and cheese.

We love lefse!!

We love lefse!!  ❤

These looked tasty!

These looked tasty!


Purple Passion Cupcakes, $5.99, new this month.




Sweet treats.


My chocolate cupcake with snowflake sprinkles.

There is lots of seating outside in the back, which is nice in the evening or when the weather is too hot. It was empty when we were there.


You can get wine by the glass, $9


Friendship Lake


The bakery is right next to the Norway Viking.

Epcot Norway

Velkomen! Welcome!!


We’ve written two books about our time working at Disney World.

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It’s considered good luck to touch the troll’s big nose…it means that you’ll be back! 🙂


Two Disney Sisters

We always stop by and touch the troll’s nose for luck!  ❤

One last secret that only cast members know:


Did you know that there’s a twin of the Epcot troll in Norway??!! The troll at Epcot is brown, while the troll at the Flam Railway Station in Voss, Norway has been painted.

Brunch at Disney World’s Trail’s End Restaurant

Trail's end

Welcome to Trail’s End Restaurant

Christian and a few of his DCP friends decided to have brunch at Trail’s End Restaurant near the Wilderness Lodge last week.

You can’t just drive up to the restaurant parking lot.  It took them an hour to go about 6 mikes from their DCP apartments to the restaurant.

First, they took the cast member bus over to the Wilderness Lodge, then caught another shuttle bus to the restaurant which is up in the Fort Wilderness campground area.  The Wilderness shuttle buses run every 5 minutes, and it takes about 10-12 minutes to get from the Lodge to the restaurant as the buses make a lot of stops along the way.

trails end

Don’t be late for your reservation! Allow a lot of time to get to the restaurant!

Trail’s End is a pretty small restaurant, and it’s set up buffet serving style.

te5 (2)

The stone fireplace with elk head mounted over it.

The restaurant is decorated in western décor, including a real buffalo head mounted on the wall and a real the stone fireplace.

Trail's End

The restaurant’s buffet stations with hot and cold breakfast foods.

A few minutes after being seated and ordering some juice, they all got up and went over to the different stations of food.

Moonshine juice in glass canning jars.

“Moonshine”, aka POG juice, in glass canning jars.

Trail’s End serves the most delicious “moonshine” drink, a yummy mixture of chilled orange juice, passion juice, and guava juice..aka POG juice. So good!

Everything is served on western-style tin plates.


Round 1. Christian has been missing having fresh fruit while at the DCP.

The house specialty is the French Toast Bake and all their signature buffet egg dishes.  They feature huge, “help yourself” serving platters of crisp bacon and grilled breakfast sausages.  All delicious!


Dessert. 🙂

Cast members get a 40% discount on breakfast.  For that giant breakfast, it’s $17.99 guests, but only $10.79 for cast members!!!

Trail’s End is hands-down the best breakfast at Disney World!

Rating:  5 Stars

Some more food photos:


Lots of fresh fruit available.


Two kinds of Mickey Waffles:  Plain and Chocolate Chip!


Bacon and two kinds of breakfast sausages.


Mickey Waffles!! Christian’s favorite!


Two kinds of yogurt (strawberry and vanilla) with several healthy toppings.

Trail's End

Scrambled eggs.

te4 (2)

Muffin station

te6 (2)

Bagels and cream cheese.

Trail’s End Breakfast Buffet (February 2019)


Breakfast Buffet: $17.99

Entree/Main Courses
Breakfast Buffet – Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Bacon, Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Hash, Mickey Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Specialty Country Pork Dish, French Toast-Custard Pudding, Cheese Grits, Oatmeal, Yogurt Parfait Station, Freshly-baked Pastries, Vegetable Frittata – $17.99 [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Bounty Breakfast – served with Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash Browns, French Toast, and Biscuit – $8.79

Side Dishes
Biscuits and Gravy –  $3.69
Blueberry Yogurt – $1.99
Cinnamon Roll –  $3.19
Fruit Plate –  $3.39
Muffins –  $2.79
Oatmeal – $2.79
Warm Sticky Buns (6 each) –  $4.69

Assorted Fountain Beverages – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Light Pomegranate Lemonade, Pibb Xtra, Iced Tea – $2.99
Dasani Bottled Water –  $2.50
Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee – $2.79
Hot Cocoa – $2.79
Hot Tea –  $2.79
Moonshine Juice, Minute Maid Apple Juice – $2.59



Disney’s Wilderness Lodge lobby. Very pretty! It’s a beautiful lodge.

They stopped by the Wilderness Lodge afterwards and had a look around.  It’s a beautiful place, a copy of Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park.


We’ve written two books about our time working at Disney World.

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Trails End

Two Disney Sisters

2019 DCP Summer Alumni Program Details


The linked for the Summer Alumni Program closed on February 12, 2019.


The 2019 DCP Summer Alumni Program link opened February 11, 2019 and closed February 12, 2019.

The link was active for 1 day only!

Good luck to all that applied!


DCP Summer

February 4, 2019: Major announcement!



wdw1 acceptedThis posting is exclusively for former Disney College Program participants.

Attention Disney College Program Alumni!

Have you ever wished you could return for a second program over the summer? Well, now could be your opportunity! Apply now to be considered for our 2019 Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Summer Alumni Program.

It is open to former Disney College Program participants who have successfully completed a past program on either coast and are still enrolled and taking college classes.

For Disney World CPs, you must be available to arrive on May 20, 2019 and depart your program on August 8, 2019 (WDW), and for Disneyland CPs you must be available May 20, 2019 – August 3, 2019.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Summer Alumni Program opportunities will be extremely limited. We strongly encourage all candidates to express interest in as many roles as possible. Available roles include:

Quick Service Food and Beverage






Take action to apply now as we anticipate significant demand for this program. The Job Posting will remain active for less than 1 week!

CP Moment Applying

Application will open February 11, 2019!  Don’t be late!

Basic Qualifications:  In order to submit an application for the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Summer Alumni Program, applicants must meet the following requirements.

1. You must have successfully completed a past Disney College Program at either the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, FL or at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. NOTE: You may not be a current Spring Program participant. (Please speak to your leader about the extensions application process).

2.  Be enrolled as a Full-Time or Part-Time Student and taking at least one class in a U.S. accredited college or university OR have graduated in the past 6 months.

3.  Be fully available for the length of the Program. The Program dates are May 20, 2019 – August 8, 2019 (WDW), May 20 – August 3, 2019 (Disneyland). NOTE: No exceptions can be made to the arrival or departure dates.

4.  Due to limited opportunities we strongly encourage all candidates to express interest in as many roles as possible.

5.  Must adhere to all Disney Look guidelines; including those pertaining to visible tattoos. Visible tattoos include any tattoos that would not be covered by an assigned costume (example – shorts and short sleeve shirt).

6.  A $250 non-refundable Program Assessment Fee will be collected upon accepting your Program, if offered (a $4.50 processing fee may also be applicable).

A Disney College Program participant’s wage will vary between $10.00 – $11.50 per hour, based upon the role that he/she is selected to perform. Participants may also be eligible for premium pay in select roles and will learn their exact rate of pay upon receiving an invitation.

International College Program participants (including those on the J1-Academic and Cultural Representative Program) are not eligible for this opportunity.

A resume and cover letter are not required to be considered for this opportunity.

Application will open February 11, 2019.

You can expect the link to be active for less than 1 week!!!


dcpThe Phone Interview questions are HARDER for the alumni program, so practice your answers with specific examples of guest interactions you had and what you liked about your last program!  Good luck!

Phone Interview questions for the Summer DCP Alumni Program


Program Dates

There are 5 main DCP programs at WDW and 4 main DCP programs at DLR. Note the two Summer program times.

2019-rent DCP - Copy

Rent is going up!  DCP rents: May 5, 2019 – January 4, 2020.

And, don’t forget, the Fall/Fall Advantage 2019 DCP Program application is open now!

Apply to the 2019 Fall/Fall Advantage DCP program



The Fall 2019 DCP app is open!


We’ve written two books about our time at the DCP.

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Adventures in the Animal Kingdom

book Two Girls

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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Two Disney Sisters

Two Disney Sisters

Welcome to Magic Kingdom Costuming!


Cast member and Food Chef Christian (our brother!)

One of the most exciting moments for a new cast member is going to Disney costuming for the first time and being fitted for your work costume (what other companies call a ‘uniform’).

Costume Cosmic Rays

Christian went to Magic Kingdom Costuming right after Traditions.

You’re allowed to check out up to five (5) complete work costumes at a time, plus accessories like a jacket and hat, if your costume has one.

When your costume gets dirty or wrinkled, you can just trade it in for a clean one. Costumes can also be machine washed and a lot of CMs keep their costumes and wash them themselves if there’s a shortage in their size.

Each of the Disney Parks has its own costuming warehouse, with the one for the Magic Kingdom being the largest.


Magic Kingdom Costuming, generally open 8am-8pm most days.

Walt Disney World employs more than 60,000 cast members (’employees’ to regular folks!) working in positions ranging from housekeeping at the Disney resorts to food service at every location to attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

food prep

Heart of House food prep stations.

1.  Cast members know what costume their role requires each day. We can have 5 complete outfits signed out at any one time, plus accessories like a jacket and hat.

Inside Disney's Epcot Operational Costuming Center

The white chef jackets all lined up, freshly laundered and pressed.

Finding a costume using RFID inside Disney's Epcot Operational Costuming Center

You would think that Costuming would ALWAYS have your size shirt/pants in stock…NOPE!!!


Full view of chef costume.

2.  Cast members pick out the correct size and costume pieces from rows upon rows of shirts, pants, skirts, and jackets. There’s a laminated card or complete costume at the end of each row to show us the costume’s ensemble look.


The Recreation Shoe Guidelines for Disney Resorts and Water Parks.

3.  Disney provides the work shoes for some roles (i.e., food service), but for most locations they just provide strict guidelines on shoe wear and CMs must pay for their own shoes.

See our blog about Disney footwear to learn more:  Loving My Disney Work Shoes


The Disney Costuming sizing chart follows European size guidelines, which are smaller than US size charts.  If you normally wear a size 14 womens, at Disney your costume probably will be a size 18 or 20 costume!  😥

4.  Every day of the year, all returned costumes must be tag scanned, repaired, cleaned, pressed, and restocked on Costuming floor.


Checking out costume pieces for the week.

5. If we return a piece and it doesn’t get scanned right, or if we lose a costume piece like a belt, we are charged a full replacement price, at least $25 per item!

For costume questions, email Costume Recovery at:

WDW Costuming:  407-824-1269

CP Moment Nametags

Everyone, no matter how high up in the company you are, wears a name tag when they’re in the Parks.

6.  Dozens and dozens of Disney name tags are accidentally turned in still attached to the costume’s shirt, blouse, or vest every day, 365 days/year!  Cast members have to pay $5 to order a new one and it takes about two weeks to get it. (The first one is free.)  Elly lost her first name tag just two weeks after starting the program! Getting a new name tag

Costume tags show various Mickey Mouse outfits

Costume tags show various Mickey Mouse outfits and what the pieces are.

7.  Mickey Mouse has a costume for every occasion and holiday.  Each Disney Princess has a summer costume and a winter costume.


January 27, 2019: Princess Ariel in her warm winter costume on a chilly day. (“She has legs!”)


What has over 290 Mickey Mouse Outfits, 20,000 Shirts, and at least 4 Belle Gowns/Dresses –

Welcome to Magic Kingdom Costuming! 🙂

Ariel's dress from 'The Little Mermaid' show

This beautiful gown will be worn in the afternoon Festival of Fantasy parade.

Watch a video with a backstage peek at WDW Costuming, with over 3,700 costume pieces here: Disney World Costuming

Anyone interested in a role at Disneyland?  Watch a backstage peek at Disneyland Costuming, with over 800 costume pieces here:  Disneyland Costuming  

WDW costuming facts.

WDW costuming facts. Amazing!  WDW Costuming is responsible for almost 3 million costume pieces!

Belle's formal dress from

Princess gowns for the meet & greets.  No princess gown is larger than size 10 (fits about a 120lb woman).

One of Donald Duck's summer costumes

A talented CM making one of Donald Duck’s summer costumes.  He wears this at the Cape May restaurant.

Buzz Lightyear's shoes

Picking out shoes for some may be an issue, unless you’re a ladies size forty.

sir mickey costume CP moment

CP Moment: Getting my costume for Sir Mickey’s at the Magic Kingdom.

mk costume (2)

Ready for work: Waering Sir Mickey’s costume, working at the Magic Kingdom.


We’ve written two books about our time at the DCP at Disney World.

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Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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two disney sisters

Two Disney Sisters

Working at Cosmic Rays Starlight Café in the Magic Kingdom


Food Chef Christian!

Week 2 – Training at Cosmic Rays

Christian completed his food training this week at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe.

While we initially thought he would be working FOH (Front of House) at Cosmic Rays, he actually was assigned HOH (Heart of House), which is all the food prep in the kitchen.

food prep

Heart of House food prep stations.

There’s a lot of crew working the kitchen, at least 16-20 people per shift.


Welcome to Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe.

Cosmic Rays

Christian heading into work.

Cosmic Rays

Christian making us lunch!

It’s a busy kitchen as Cosmic Rays is the major quick service restaurant in Tomorrowland. They have it divided into food “bays” so they can serve a lot of guests at once.  The food lines move pretty quickly.  It’s typically open for lunch and dinner, usually 10am – 8pm.  Christian’s shifts this week have mostly been 2pm-9pm.


Bay 1: Chicken, chicken, chicken.


Bay 3: Sandwiches.

It was open yesterday for breakfast for EMH (Extra Magic Hours when the Magic Kingdom opens early for guests staying onsite), so he had to work a 7am – 3pm shift.

We’ve eaten there many times, it’s a good place for an early dinner.  Their burgers and chicken nuggets are tasty and the Toppings Bar is excellent.


They have a special menu for Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration.

cosmic6The Kid’s Meal is an PB&J Uncrustable sandwich.  $6.49

Explore a galaxy of enticing options—from our out-of-this-world BBQ platter and chicken breast nuggets to bacon cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Customize your meal at the topping bar, then have a blast enjoying the stellar musical entertainment of Sonny Eclipse!



He doesn’t play all the time.


Sonny Eclipse playing some jazzy tunes.


The Mickey Burger.


The bar-b-que pork sandwich is very good.



The Mickey Burger cheeseburger ($16) at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café!  This angus burger comes loaded with macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, flaming hot cheese dust, and bacon all served on a toasted Mickey Mouse bun.  It’s out of this world!



Cosmic Rays at night. It’s a good place to watch the evening parade if it’s cold outside.


We’ve written two books about our time at the DCP.

Both are available on

Adventure Book Cover

Adventures in the Animal Kingdom


Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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two disney sisters

Two Disney Sisters