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Two Girls and a Mouse Tale fan site on Facebook.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale fan site on Facebook.

We’ve had so much positive support for our book from our Facebook friends.

We read all the comments and thank you all for supporting us and our book! 🙂


Lori Edwards Cokeing I just finished reading your book! I loved it! So entertaining and I could just see you girls experiencing every Disney moment! I was right there with you it seemed like! Great read for everyone! Well done ladies!

Danielle Pedersen: I’m doing the college program now!!! Lol…it is sooo much fun!! Go Buffs!!

Katie Howard I’m waiting to see if I got into the program and am hoping to get my foot in the door to stay! Definitely going to check out the book.

Jessica Lyn Olsen I ordered mine last night can’t wait to read it📚

Jessica Lyn Olsen I’m really wanting to do the college program in California I’m just trying to get up the nerve to just go and do it before it’s too late.

Netti Knowles I’m over halfway through the book and I just purchased it yesterday morning. Awesome book!!! I applied for the 2015 Spring Program in Disney World and currently waiting to hear back from them.

Christopher Goodrich Just started it!

Christine Huggler-Wyant Our daughter, Lindsay, did the college Disney Program for a semester while she was at MCC. In fact she transferred to Monroe Community College in her spring semester freshman year and then did the Disney program the following fall. (Her major was Travel and Tourism) She’s still so crazy about Disney World, even after working there, that she and husband have 2 time shares there…one on Disney property, one in Orlando!!!

Donna Remedis The college program is great. I met a lot of college kids from all over the world when I worked at Disney !! Great opportunity for kids!

Ruben L Portalatin This seems very interesting. I’m curious to see what they say.

Amy Jo McKibben Seifert Have you read this? Looks cute!

Jessica Lyn Olsen I bought it last night on Amazon lol

Allyson Kelli Monica Cashdollar I’m getting it!

Nikki Johnson I failed my personality quiz recently; So I have to wait till next semester. Maybe this book will help 🙂

Karen Matthews Wish we had it sooner!! Good luck with sales!

Jessica Lyn Olsen I finished it and loved it and now I really want to be a CP!

Britain Vanderbush I am so looking forward to reading this!  As a Cast Member I like hearing about other people’s experiences. And more than that having a good source of info, such as a book, to give to people who are also interested in things like the DCP. Though I haven’t read it yet, thank you for writing this.

Jasmine Morales Cruz Pending and waiting for my (hopeful) acceptance right now, definitely buying this now!

Sara Vanderbush That’s so cool!!

Karlie Gittemeier Dylan Anderson Jamie Gittemeier I should’ve read this…

Brittany Harris Love this book. DCP was the best thing happened to me.. 08/09

Kady A Roberts Awesome! I might buy this book for my brother and sister-in-law, they are trying to get into the program now.

Jordan Surber So far this book is great! Makes me even more excited for DCP if that’s possible!

Mary W I’ve been reading your book in between doing homework assignments and am really enjoying it! I have been taking notes on what to do for when I apply next fall. Thanks for all the great advice!

Corrie Newman Hello, I just finished reading your book and loved it! I have always been interested in the DCP and want to apply. I’m currently in my last year of college though. Can I apply and go right after I graduate? Thanks.


Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

   by Elly Collins & Caroline Collins

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Disney???

We worked at WDW for a year in the Disney College Program (Fall 2013/Spring 2014) and have written a book about what it’s like to be a cast member working for Disney.

We’ve included advice on how to successfully get into the DCP program, including some of the actual phone interview questions, how to have a successful internship, and how not self-term before your program ends. Our book is filled with lots of behind-the-scene stories of the magic of Disney. Available now at in paperback and Kindle formats. Published by Theme Park Press.

Book link on


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