Disney Discontinues Selling Car Antenna Toppers

antenna toppers

Car antenna toppers for every holiday and every favorite character!

Disney Parks is no longer selling Disney-themed car antenna toppers in its stores.

We knew this day was coming as most cars nowadays either have an embedded antenna in the front windshield or a thick 6” antenna mounted over the back windshield.

Gone are the days when all cars had 30” antenna wires fastened to the car’s front hood!

We personally own about 20 of these antenna toppers, most of them holiday themed.

And neither of our cars have the old fashioned wire antenna!  😦

But, you can still use them!

Here’s some fun ideas for using Disney Antenna Toppers:

On Your pre-2010 car’s 30″ Car Antenna – You knew this would be number one. It’s what they’re made for. I will say that you need to make sure that they fit a little snug because I’ve had them go on super easy and then come off just as easily… while driving at 40 mph. Goodbye fun souvenir!

Pencil or Pen Toppers – Maybe this is the teacher in me, but they fit perfectly on top of pencils!  Bring some to school and show them off!

orange bird antenna car topper

Orange Bird topper, $1.99 at the Character Outlet store.

Christmas Decoration Toppers – You can transform your favorite antenna toppers into Christmas tree decorations with a little bit of ribbon and craft glue.  They are much cheaper than buying Disney Christmas ornaments at the Parks, approx.. 75% less.

car antenna topper door wreath

Just tuck them into your door wreath.

Add them to Your Holiday Wreath – You can make a door wreath for any season and Disney has antenna toppers for every holiday that you can think of, along with most Disney characters having their own topper too.  They make a boring wreath into a Disney wreath!

disney car antenna topper bouquet

Make a bouquet!

Bouquet of Antenna Toppers – This is great if you have a collection. Make an “antenna topper bouquet” in a vase to display your collection. This way, you aren’t displaying one at a time or having to choose just one for a souvenir.  You can get a bunch of them off ebay now and display them in a pretty vase.

antenna toppers1

We liked these toppers so much that we bought them in packages of 4 toppers!

car antenna topper

We have Disney car antenna toppers for every holiday including this set!


Orange Bird car topper

My most favorite car topper! ❤

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Have a magical day!


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